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Mobile Laboratory Services

Colaborate specializes in providing consulting and advisory services to independent and hospital-based laboratories looking to expand into the mobile space. Mobile laboratories are growing in popularity as they provide a flexible and reliable way for our clients to reach their patients and customers.

Whether you are looking to have this laboratory act as a standalone facility or you are wanting this to serve as an extension of your current in-house facility, our experts are ready to help. Our business, technical, and advisory lab experts have served over 500 clients across the country in various medical settings. This includes major health systems, hospitals, clinical laboratories, physician group practices, academic centers, pathology groups, and more.

In as little as ten days, we can have your mobile laboratory up and ready to go. From determining the type of equipment and facility you will need to the compliance and regulations required of you, Colaborate has the experience and track record to set you up for success with our mobile laboratory services.

The Benefits of Mobile Laboratories

  • Convenience & Access – Having a mobile medical laboratory allows you to provide services directly on-site at the location of your customers and patients. This provides your customers a level of access and convenience that is critical in the current healthcare space.
  • Broaden Service Area – With a mobile laboratory unit, you are not tied down to your in-house laboratory. You are able to provide your services to a wider service area.
  • Reduce Turnaround Times & Provide Faster Results – Mobile laboratories can provide results from within the unit. This reduces the delays you would typically see when utilizing your in-house laboratory.
  • Higher Capacity for Testing – With a mobile lab, you can easily add additional services to your testing menu.
  • Comprehensive Testing Abilities – Mobile laboratories can provide a wide range of services including diagnostic testing, screenings, assessments, on-site care, COVID-19 testing, and more.

No matter what your testing requirements and laboratory needs may require, our mobile laboratory consultants are ready to help.

Schedule a Mobile Laboratory Service

Let us help you successfully plan and launch your new mobile laboratory space. Contact us today to learn more! We also offer free virtual consultations.

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