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Laboratory Management Services

Our laboratory management consultants help you thrive in the face of regulation, consolidation, and shifting business demands.

No two labs are the same. Yet all are challenged to sustain growth, compete, and remain compliant in a highly complex environment.

Since 2005, Colaborate has served the management needs of independent and hospital-based laboratories. Our team has applied industry-recognized insights and unwavering dedication to support more than 500 clients with lasting solutions.

As a full-service laboratory management adviser. Colaborate services cover financial, technical, workforce and strategic demands. Our clients have the resources to address issues and mitigate challenges before they become obstacles to growth or compliance risks. And they know that every solution reflects a commitment to maintaining a healthy bottom line.


Running a successful and compliant laboratory comes with an array of challenges. No matter how experienced or knowledgeable an individual or his or her team are, often there is not enough time in the day to oversee every aspect of managing a lab. Many times, labs will outsource all or some of the lab management processes to a laboratory consulting company

Colaborate is proud to offer a variety of lab management, consulting, and advisory services. Below are our more popular management services, but we also help with planning, compliance, and performance improvement for labs in various stages, whether it be a new laboratory build or a health system and laboratory integration

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Facing marketplace issues, shifting practice patterns, reimbursement demands, and complex regulations most labs are forced to take their focus off work they’re in business to do. Colaborate helps you manage risks and uncertainties, and put reliable financial processes in place, so you can have confidence that your financial operations are sound, and your lab is positioned for stability.

We work as your partner and lab management guide so you can establish financial, strategic, and operational structures to support a successful, growing business.

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Billing Management
  • Buy/Sell Transactions
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Laboratory Management
  • Molecular Testing
  • Outreach Development
  • Revenue Cycle


Colaborate is a full-service laboratory and healthcare information technology (IT) consultancy. Our laboratory management consultants understand how vital it is to keep your clinical information systems integrated and your connectivity solutions working reliably and on budget.

With detailed planning, solutions analysis, consulting, and careful implementation (including sophisticated interface design and development), we integrate even the most disparate systems and ensure they run smoothly and securely. Your valued capital and operating budgets are leveraged fully, delivering automation improvements and addressing key clinical lab hot buttons before they become obstacles to your progress.


Your clinical or hospital-based laboratory business cannot run with critical gaps in personnel. Colaborate employs industry experts with years of experience in the day-to-day management of complex laboratory operations. We can step in to provide interim solutions, even on short notice, until you can identify, hire, and train the right permanent team members.

  • Billing Manager
  • CFO
  • Compliance Officer
  • Controller
  • IT Manager
  • Lab Manager
  • Outreach Management


Labor is one of the most significant fixed costs for every clinical or hospital-based laboratory. How you develop, compensate, and benchmark your full-time equivalent (FTE) employees against industry standards can make a dramatic impact on the margins and financial health of your business. Colaborate engages a set of proprietary staffing and compensation tools to maximize the potential of your workforce, including pathology professionals.

  • Compensation Analysis: Colaborate analyzes and assists in the design of compensation, incentive, and productivity models for all types of physician specialties.
  • Workflow Analysis: Colaborate produces accurate and timely information to give physicians the performance and laboratory information necessary to provide adequate patient treatment.

Together, we can put the right people, processes, and capabilities in place to create sustainable success for your lab.


“Colaborate’s IT healthcare experience was a key differentiating factor in selecting a consultant for our LIS system selection/replacement project. Their ability to work with IT, Lab and Administration was fundamental to the success of our project.”
- System Sr. VP & CIO | Technology Innovation