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Implement a New Laboratory Test with Colaborate

Colaborate has over 30 years of experience consulting and advising laboratories across the country. When it comes to implementing a new laboratory test or expanding your testing menu, we have the knowledge and expertise you need. As research grows and new technologies are developed, refining your in-house testing menu allows you to diagnose and screen for more at your facility.

Expand Your Laboratory Test Menu

When it comes to implementing new lab tests, what you offer can have a big impact on how you operate, the facility you use, the equipment you need, and the personnel that is required. From adjusting your laboratory test menu to evaluating the needs and requirements of your facility, we work to meet your goals quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to help you move through the complex steps of testing and compliance as profitably as possible as your lab expands.

Getting Started with Your Laboratory Test Menu?

If you are in the beginning phases of starting your laboratory, establishing a testing menu is one of the most important steps. Our team of experts can advise you on your testing needs and requirements. Having expert input and guidance early in the process helps ensure every detail and step is accounted for.

Laboratory Test Menu Services

Test Menu Creation

Test Menu Additions

COVID-19 Testing

Personnel Requirements

Cost Analysis

Equipment Needs

Testing Efficiency and Analysis

Facility Needs

Team Member Training

Applications and Certificates

Compliance and Regulations

We Help a Variety of Clients Implement New Lab Tests

We have worked with over 500 institutions across the country ranging from hospitals to academic centers.  We provide a customized approach to fit your laboratory’s specific needs.  We proudly serve:

Health Systems

Pathology Groups

Physician Group Practices

Clinical Laboratories

Higher Education

Corporate Campuses

Independent Schools

Community Hospitals

And More


Academic Medical Centers

Healthcare Purchasers

Contact us to Expand Your Testing Menu

Our team of medical, technical, and advisory lab experts are dedicated to your financial and operational needs. Schedule a free virtual consultation today, contact us via our quick form, or give us a call at 813-212-9005

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