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COVID-19 Lab Consulting

Assisting All Stakeholders Before, During and After COVID-19

Whether you oversee an independent laboratory, educational institution, or other corporate campus, Colaborate leverages its 25 years of laboratory consulting experience to design, develop and implement successful COVID-19 strategies.

Who We Serve

  • Health Systems
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Community Hospitals
  • Physician Group Practices
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Pathology Groups
  • Healthcare Purchasers
  • Large Corporations
  • Independent Schools
  • Higher Education

Our Services

  • New Laboratory Builds – Our experts will work to fast track new laboratory builds in less than 10 days.
  • Overall COVID-19 Strategy – Planning a robust strategy to deal with ever-changing conditions is key to your institution’s success. Our industry experts will advise on best practices.
  • PCR & Antibody Testing Capabilities – Colaborate will work with your institution to determine proper equipment, methodologies, and interfaces to use for setting up in-house PCR and Antibody testing.
  • Increase Testing Capacity – With relationships and experiences at the country’s largest laboratories, Colaborate will partner you with the proper laboratory to suit logistical and testing needs.
  • Specimen Collection Education – Advising on best-practices and guidelines for collecting, handling, and testing specimen collections.
  • Policy & Procedure Development – Guidance and assessments to ensure a safe and compliant workplace and workflow.
  • Laboratory Regulatory Applications & Inspection Readiness – Our team will provide recommendations, guidance, assessments, and training to ensure compliance and safety.
  • Back-to-work Testing Solutions –Keep your team safe by implementing a safe, back-to-work testing strategy.

Why Choose Colaborate?

As the Coronavirus pandemic changes the way laboratories operate, it is important to have a partner who has your best interest in mind. With over 15 years of experience, Colaborate offers full-service laboratory consulting and advising for clients all over the United States. With a team of business, technical and advisory lab experts in-house, we provide innovative solutions, industry-specific knowledge, and attentive counsel to each client we work with.

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Together we can put the right people, processes, and capabilities in place to create sustainable success for your lab.

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