More Medical Lab Testing Anticipated With Growth of “Rapid Clinics”

New rapid clinics, referred to in the industry as retail clinics (RC), are opening up in cities at an increasingly faster rate.  These facilities have proven to be successful due to their increased hours, often open 7 days a week and past the normal 5 pm, their convenience in location, and also their flexibility of seeing patients immediately with no prior appointment required.  They treat common medical conditions including flu symptoms, colds, sore threats, coughs, and sinus infections.

The popularity of this new delivery model of healthcare services has prompted health systems and hospitals to take notice and either open and operate such facilities, or provide clinical staff to existing ones.  Currently at least 1 in 10 of these clinics have a hospital connection, with this number expected to increase.

Health insurance companies are also participating in traditional provider contracts with these types of facilities.  Some employers even go so far as to incentivize employees to use these clinics by waiving the copay.

The combination of the rapid growth and support of these clinics makes it vital for clinical laboratory managers and pathologists to take notice how their labs can become a part of this growth.  It is advised to start making relationships with these retail clinics to be able to provide them with medical laboratory testing support.

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