Laboratory Information System Selection

Technology is ever-changing, constantly evolving, complex in nature and often confusing. Making large investments in needed infrastructure is not something to blindly undertake. You need your laboratory to operate at maximum efficiency so that you can increase throughput and profitability.

But where do you start? What questions do you ask? Which vendor is right for you? What pieces of technology to you really need?

At Colaborate, we’ve been involved in the laboratory information system selection process for years. We know how to evaluate your business needs and couple them with the right solutions. We don’t believe in wasted effort, time or your financial resources. Our team of laboratory consultants is dedicated to the task at hand and will work tirelessly to identify the right LIS for you.

We look at the laboratory information system selection process as a standardized and structured regiment that allows scientific comparison of business, technical and financial metrics for a specific piece of technology or information system. In addition, a well-run system selection process will create a “horse race” of sorts between the competing vendors, often resulting in the best cost for your laboratory. Many laboratories that don’t go through the LIS selection process report that the price paid was much higher as they did not have the working knowledge and time needed (comparable to Colaborate) to force vendors to fight for their business.

In addition to system selection, our team is prepared to assist with contract negotiation services. This tends to provide another level of cost savings and increased functionality for our clients.

In addition to LIS vendor selection assistance, Colaborate provides a wide range of services in the Healthcare Technology field, including middleware consulting, laboratory automation, lab outreach systems management, and much more.

As you can see, our goal is to lend our expertise to you in an attempt to save costs and increase your laboratory’s ability to offer quality services. Contact us for more information on how we can assist with your LIS selection process, or any other aspect of your organization’s technology integration.

by Kevin Hunter