Meaningful Use: Impending Deadline for Healthcare Professionals

Meaningful use is a hot topic in almost every realm of the medical industry. The government, coupled with the healthcare system, has determined that electronic health records offer a number of benefits for healthcare professionals, hospitals, medical institutions and patients.

First and foremost, electronic records provide care givers with up to date and accurate information. This aids them in their ability to give quality care as they have necessary information on their patient readily available.

When properly utilized, information from multiple care agencies (hospitals, PCP, specialist, pharmacy, laboratory, etc.) can be accessed throughout a patient’s care. This speed of access and accuracy of data enable proper coordination of care. When data needs to be shared across multiple platforms, it must be accessible in a usable format. Effective access to the data will also enable patients to access their records, something of a nightmare currently considering that many healthcare agencies still rely on paper for their records.

Currently, most health care providers still use medical record systems based on paper. New government incentives and programs are helping healthcare providers across the country make the switch to electronic health records.

While all of this sounds like wonderful information and a great way to help the healthcare industry, it’s not as easy as it sounds. A recent study indicates that more than 90% of healthcare providers will not meet the 2011 requirements for meaningful use. Many sight proper support, information and education as the reason.

Those not meeting requirements will be forced to find a way to adapt, or face serious consequences. Electronic medical records are moving forward at a rapid pace, and everyone involved is expected to be on board with certain parameters.

When it is time to meet this impending deadline, turn to a professional resource that can help your institution meet requirements. At Colaborate, we walk with healthcare providers through the entire meaningful use assessment process. We can also assist in LIS selection process, middleware analysis, and virtually any other healthcare technology challenge your organzation faces.

If you need a partner to help you effectively utilize electronic medical records and meet minimum meaningful use requirements, contact us today for a consultation.

By Kevin Hunter