Physician Adoption of EHRs is on fast track- Rural providers lag behind

Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are quickly being adopted by larger physician groups and urban based hospitals. The more physicians that implement electronic health record systems, the more clinical laboratories have to build interfaces that can connect the laboratory information systems to the EHR systems. While the larger hospitals and physician groups are quick to adopt the EHR system, smaller hospitals and practices, specifically in rural areas, are slow to embrace.

According to recent research, hundreds of thousands of physicians are taking advantage of the EHR incentive program, as another great benefit to adopting the EHR system. With such great incentives, medical laboratories are encouraged to tell physicians to adopt the EHR system in there clinical practice while still making absolutely sure that it meets meaningful use requirements.

With the federal and government offering financial incentives, adopting the EHR system as quickly as possible is becoming more and more appealing to many hospitals, institutions and physicians.

Meanwhile, the rural areas and small practices are lagging behind in the adoption of this new EHR method. This means they are also missing out on many of the federal government funded incentive programs and more efficient data mining.

Overall, clinical laboratories have started building interfaces that allow their LIS to enable fully digital information. With digital lab test ordering and lab test results reporting, clinical laboratories are supporting the adoption of EHR. Although the adoption rate is extremely encouraging, specifically in urban areas and larger practices, the truth is that rural health providers and smaller practices are embracing EHRs more slowly.

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By Kevin Hunter