Controlling your Data in your Clinical Laboratories

With all of the recent changes in federal and state legislature, laboratories are under pressure to find a way to do more with less. Laboratory leaders need to find the best practice and methods to control their data. Luckily, the laboratory has been a place for computerization and digitalization within the hospital for quite some time. Because of this, laboratory leaders have an opportunity to set the norm for the rest of the healthcare system by improving certain methods that could improve quality and decrease costs when it comes to data.

Business intelligence and analytics technologies can help identify, extract, and analyze business data. In the laboratory, these BI solutions take information from LIS, HIS, Pathology and Materials Management systems to provide information back to the laboratory. These systems provide business performance management, analytics and key performance indicators that apply to the laboratory.

With so many other tasks and responsibilities in a laboratory, data mining is often pushed to the back burner. However, new approaches and technologies will help healthcare leaders make more accurate decisions. Relying on data rather than instinct to make decisions will provide much more reliable information!

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By Kevin Hunter