Clinical Pathology Labs Prepare for Tougher Accreditation and CLIA Compliance

Medical laboratory accreditation and CLIA compliance through the US is getting more difficult.  This trend affects nearly every clinical laboratory and pathology medical group that must be in compliance with CLIA along with meeting the accreditation requirements of the Medicare program.

This is illustrated by the increased number of hospital laboratories that are publicly acknowledging that a recent assessment, inspection or survey came back with serious deficiencies.  Over the past year and a half, two national medical laboratory companies were required to close their doors following a CLIA inspection of lab facilities until the problems were corrected.

We have reported on this national trend over the past few months, and increasing reports show that compliance will continue to be stringent.  To help get your laboratories into audit shape for the new year, contact Colaborate about our regulatory consulting and financial Lab Check Up.

By Kevin Hunter