Have Insurance Coverage, But Don’t Use It

Many Americans are uninsured. Many others cry foul over extremely high insurance premiums. Still others boast that we have the most capable healthcare system in the world.

Regardless of your standing or feeling, most agree that healthcare is a key topic worthy of serious conversation. A recent examination of healthcare in this country yielded some alarming facts:

  • Americans are more likely (when compared to other industrialized nations) to site cost as a major reason to go without healthcare coverage
  • Americans skip out on their “routine care” responsibilities. This includes not seeking medical attention when sick and not filling prescriptions because of the cost associated
  • More than 20% of Americans admit having a major problem in finding a way to pay for mounting healthcare costs/bills

What is even scarier to note: Americans that are insured, but have below-average income, are showing that they will routinely ignore medical issues out of fear of the costs. That means that Americans with insurance are not utilizing it; this can lead to even more complicated medical issues for those individuals, further compounding the problem and increasing the cost of care.

Primary care is one of the most important aspects of the medical community. However, it is one of the most overlooked by the average American. Healthcare reform, specifically Medicare reimbursement, will always be a hot-button topic. Controlling costs is an issue that must be addressed and fixed, soon.

By Kevin Hunter