Immediate ROI: “QuikTrak” Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

Now is the time to replace your client connectivity, AP or LIS system to remain competitive and prepare your business for the increase of HITECH EMR interfaces.

A smooth, well executed, timely vendor selection process is often desired but seldom achieved where the buyer (you) is in the driver seat from start to finish.

A process that can cut through all of the vendor configurations, options, add-ons, and sales pitches that will truly evaluate each product on the merits of clearly defined metrics and science.

A process that almost always without exception, will bring a large, diverse selection committee to a clear consensus and achieve significant contractual cost savings, generally paying for the engagement.

Colaborate has a proven “QuikTrak” RFP process to help you with selecting a client connectivity, AP, or LIS vendor. Our QuikTrak process has been used by clients to:

  • Select a new information system
  • Validate a selection committee’s findings prior to contracting
  • Validate an existing vendor’s product, often achieving reduced maintenance fees,  additional product enhancements, better support, and resolution to those outstanding open issues.

Our “QuikTrak” process can be tailored to fit your organizations needs, size and budget. From academic medical centers to small, independent laboratories our clients have all benefited from our “QuikTrak” RFP process.

Call us today to see how easy it is to evaluate and select a new information system that will meet both the technical and business needs of your laboratory or hospital so you can remain competitive and be prepared for the increase in provider EMR interfaces.