Laboratory Information Systems

Many hospitals, independent laboratories and billing companies have come to see the benefits of engaging in an ongoing relationship with an industry expert to conduct lab compliance audits. The amount of data that is generated within the healthcare industry is monumental. To process and store this information can be an arduous task, to say the least. Data is often passed across various mediums throughout the industry and must be interpreted immediately and accurately. Customization is often needed for this data to be used effectively. Why take on the burden of being responsible for all of these things?

Implementing effective compliance programs, correct coding audit processes, and employee compliance training work together to help organizations deal with the complex and sometimes daunting process of regulatory compliance.

Colaborate is a full-service team of professional healthcare consultants. We know what it takes to manage data and allow fluid transfer of such information. Our solutions include developing laboratory information systems to take the burden off of your organization. This implementation also will help with data loss and inaccurate information that is often transferred.

If you need a system capable of providing for a large hospital or a small laboratory operation, know that our solutions are tailored to you. We help bring together the various applications you are using to provide synergy and consolidation. Our consultants are here to see you succeed, thrive and improve performance.

In addition to consulting on laboratory information systems, some of our services include:

  • Advisory Services: Chargemaster Reviews, lab automation, strategic planning
  • Financial Services: billing management, compensation analysis, outreach development
  • Performance Improvement: accounts receivable, compliance review, interim management

Contact us today to discuss how Colaborate can provide custom solutions to the challenges that your organization faces and help you with your lab compliance audit services.