Clinical laboratory billing

Rules and regulations abound in the healthcare industry. New laws are constantly passed that dictate practices and procedures for clinical organizations. The flow of information from regulatory bodies often flows like molasses. Many times new rules are in place before the old ones are even realized. What happens when new governance is enacted that causes an increase in the cost to perform tests ordered by physicians? Someone must shoulder the burden of increased costs, often the laboratory.

At Colaborate we believe that you have other things to worry about when managing your agency. We don’t think that you should worry with constant changing laboratory billing issues. We are a leading laboratory consultancy that is armed with the knowledge to help you succeed and provide better results. Clinical laboratory billing is a complex web of interaction that can be all-consuming if not properly managed.

Let us take the worry away from you so that you can do what you do best. Contact us to find out how we can help separate you from your competition. Let our team of experts lend support to your agency. We have the ability to provide you with advisory and technical assistance that is specifically suited to your industry and your business.