Regulatory Compliance Review

New regulatory agencies seem to pop up every day in the United States. Constant change in policy and policy makers often leads to more regulations. These agencies are constantly performing inspections and are quick to issue citations. Fines and punishment can be expensive and can hurt your bottom line, not to mention your exposure to increased liability. Colaborate understands the great need to be accurate with records, perform constant evaluations of laboratories and their programs and keep management in compliance with local/state/federal regulations and policies.

Our regulatory compliance review is designed to expose discrepancies and short-comings within a laboratory. Our goal is to help audit and review the findings on an on-going basis to further strengthen the lab’s standing in the eyes of regulators and clients. Accuracy and compliance are key in minimizing risk and the probability of failed processes.  Our team of highly skilled professionals have extensive experience within the clinical laboratory industry and the compliance measures that are necessary to protect your organization. No two labs are the same and our compliance review varies from lab to lab, but is built on a solid foundation from years of knowledge in the industry. We will help prevent non-compliant procedures and policies from continuing so that you can focus on serving the needs of your client base.

Documentation and compliance assurance are the ethical responsibility of everyone involved with a laboratory. Contact us today to find out how we can aid you in the process of regulatory compliance review so that your responsibilities are met.