Laboratory Consolidation

One of the most “feared” words in the world today is CHANGE. This term is something that often brings fear and worry to the ears that hear it. Anyone involved in a laboratory in the United States understands all to well that CHANGE is inevitable (and often necessary) to survive in this complicated industry. Finding a way to cope with financial pressures and ways to remain competitive typically involve cost containment and change programs. Managers of laboratories are tasked with enhancing services while constantly being more cost effective. Colaborate is skilled at assisting your laboratory in changing in an effort to reduce costs, improve services and enhancing overall performance of the laboratory. A sound plan for change is necessary so that everyone is on the same page and able to move forward in a productive manner.

Laboratories constantly see and hear pressure to do more with less. While this may sound like a dire situation to be in, it often provides an opportunity to advance possibility of laboratory consolidation. Combining service lines/procedures can often lead to economies of scale and less stress on the organization as a whole. Colaborate has extensive knowledge in demystifying the change process and helping your laboratory to recognize the need for consolidation. Our past experience within the industry affords us great ability to help assess the situation and help you realize the necessary change to stay competitive and competent.

Some of the services offered relating to laboratory consolidation include lab automation, strategic planning, compensation analysis, interim management, and billing management.

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