Compliance Auditor

The changing face of regulation in the United States’ healthcare industry has forced many a lab manager to scratch his head. Constant changes and new policies are put in place every day that add unnecessary stress on labs of all size. Colaborate understands there is a current need for assistance of both independent labs and hospital-based labs. We have the knowledge, experience, staff and skills in place to send a highly qualified compliance auditor to your organization to help develop a plan to keep you abreast of regulatory changes. Our review of your lab and your current adherence to guidelines will help us further assess your needs.

Our team of experts will work to review security, user access, risk management procedures and more. Our goal is help position your lab in such a way that will allow for ongoing growth and continued success. Local entities, state governments and federal regulatory commissions can create additional workload for labs that are not familiar with change and compliance. Penalties can be imposed for mismanagement of data or for non-compliant organizations. We pledge to perform an in-depth analysis of your current situation with a full report of our recommended changes. Don’t waste valuable time or resources trying to dissect complex issues, contact Colaborate today to explore the possibility of having a compliance auditor work with your lab.