Laboratory Quality Assurance

Laboratory quality assurance is a constant pursuit for organizations focused on efficient growth and production.   Improvement in quality is a disciplined management process based on the premise that all work can be planned, performed, measured, and improved.

Colaborate is a full-service laboratory consultancy with over 25 years of industry experience.  We can help your organization’s quality assurance program through improvement in processes, products, and services by establishing priorities, promoting cultural aspects, allocating resources, communicating lessons learned, and resolving significant management issues and problems that hinder the organization from achieving its objectives.  We specialize in Lean Transformation to assess, train, and facilitate the implementation of lean methods in the lab.  Lean has transformed manufacturing worldwide and is revolutionizing laboratory operations across the country.  Additionally, our Third Generation Lean Six Sigma program focuses on the creation of value, combines “best-of-breed” in manufacturing with content experts in laboratory management, and creates sustainable improvement that continues beyond our involvement.  To find out more about our laboratory quality assurance program, please contact us.