Lab Outreach

Hospital systems and independent labs face tremendous economic pressure to reduce costs and generate additional revenue sources.  A lab outreach program can lower costs and be a source of profitable new revenue streams.  However, embarking on new initiatives can use up valuable company resources and distract from core services.  Launching a successful program takes savvy strategic thinking from professionals that have proven experience in lab outreach development and management.

At Colaborate we offer results-driven solutions.  We are a full-service laboratory consulting firm with over 25 years of experience helping laboratory organizations achieve profitable growth and quality improvement.  Whether you are considering the launch of a new lab outreach program or have an established program that could use a performance boost, Colaborate can help.  From strategic planning to complete implementation, we can assist you in the launch of a lab outreach program that makes sense for your organization.  To learn more about our comprehensive lab outreach services, please contact us.