Lab Outreach Systems Management

Given cost and reimbursement pressures today, many hospitals are expanding their reference labs into a vital source of new revenue. However, this requires a highly functional, easy-to-use, cost-effective ordering and reporting tool for their customers. We have a proven track record of fast-tracking the evaluation, selection and deployment of Web-based laboratory outreach systems for hospital-based and independent clinical reference labs requiring:

  • Support for the launch or expansion of lab outreach capabilities to increase utilization and revenue.
  • A solution that will preserve its investment in an existing laboratory information system, yet enhance its existing capabilities.
  • A lab outreach solution that can be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively.
  • An easy-to-use Web-based solution that requires minimal effort in training and installation.
  • A single integrated solution, providing results reporting on inpatients and outpatients from a single user interface.

If you are launching or expanding your reference lab outreach capabilities and want a cost-effective system for orders, results reporting and specimen collection management, we can assist you with this process and negotiate rock-bottom prices from your vendor (often fully recovering the cost of our services and leaving you with a highly efficient, revenue-generating outreach business).