Outreach Operations

As hospital laboratories throughout the nation continue to look for ways in which to capitalize upon their laboratory investments by lowering costs per test, Colaborate can be of enormous benefit. One of the avenues by which to meet this goal is the expansion of laboratory outreach programs. Colaborate has successfully assisted numerous hospital systems in the creation and development of outreach programs, including strategic planning and execution of plans. Colaborate has the ability to assess the situation comprehensively and assist in the realization of a successful outreach business through our proven outreach management solutions.

Brand Development, Marketing Assistance

Brand development and marketing are critical components to building and growing any successful business, particularly one that competes in a highly competitive marketplace. Colaborate's experienced marketing consultants will help you develop a uniquely creative and engaging brand for your laboratory and related services, position your brand above all competitors, and communicate your offerings in ways that help you build your customer base.

Market Analysis

Colaborate takes a holistic approach to gain a comprehensive understanding of market opportunity by assessing the current marketplace by numerous segments (e.g, hospital, physicians, long-term care, etc.). We examine payer mix data and how it is controlled/dictated, and review contracts to determine opportunity, desirability by price, and current market share. Additionally, Colaborate addresses the tools necessary to compete, presents costs associated with implementing such tools, makes recommendations on primary and secondary market opportunities, provides key competitor analysis, and addresses the 'readiness' of the existing lab and the test menu offering, growth targets etc.

Pricing Strategies

With the latest court ruling relative to laboratory pricing and potential inducements, Colaborate's expertise in this area provides peace-of-mind and competitive strategies necessary to complete in today's potentially profitable yet complicated outreach market.

Sales Development & Training

To be successful, businesses must market their products to potential customers, and having well-trained sales representatives to market those products is essential to any business. Colaborate's experience and expertise in marketing and sales exceeds all others. Colaborate, with its subject matter experts and business partners, can supply your business with the sales training skills, tools, and guidance needed to implement a comprehensive and successful sales strategy.

Sales Management

Colaborate boasts a number of industry experts who have managed sales teams for the most successful commercial, independent, and hospital-based programs in the country. We are able to assist in both the interim and with long-term sales management solutions. We have a number of programs available to provide the necessary expertise, while allowing our clients the flexibility to either retain our sales professionals as employees or implement other creative solutions.