Core Laboratory Development & Consolidations

Colaborate Testimonials

As many health systems begin to grasp the promising dynamics of their laboratories, the option and challenge of developing a core laboratory becomes an important consideration. Colaborate experts have been retained to assist in the analysis, development, and implementation of numerous organizations' core laboratories. In addition, we have assisted in the organizational and fiscal improvement of several existing and underperforming core entities. Using our experience and expertise in the structure and function of clinical and hospital-based laboratories, we have been able to provide dramatic and long-lasting changes to troubled and failing organizations.

Instrumentation Selection

Choosing the proper instrument for your laboratory needs can be stressful and cost your business thousands of dollars if the wrong instrument is chosen. With expertise in laboratory instruments, as well as processes and reorganization, Colaborate will assist organizations in making an appropriate selection for their specific needs, without the worry of a hidden agenda. Colaborate is not owned or affiliated with an instrument manufacturer or supply company. Therefore, the unbiased advice is made with our clients' best interest in mind.


As hospital laboratories throughout the nation continue to look for ways in which to capitalize upon their laboratory investments by lowering costs per test, Colaborate can be of enormous benefit. One of the avenues by which to meet this goal is the expansion of existing laboratory outreach programs. Colaborate has successfully assisted numerous hospital systems in the creation and development of outreach programs, including strategic planning and execution of plans. Colaborate has the ability to assess the situation comprehensively and assist in the realization of a successful outreach business through our proven outreach management solutions.

We know from our experience that the more successful outreach programs - those with margins exceeding 20% - are professionally managed, have a sound marketing plan, and an efficient infrastructure to support the program. Our knowledge of the laboratory outreach business and ability to work hand-in-hand with you, as our client, will allow you to build a highly profitable outreach program that can compete effectively in the surrounding market.

Test Menu Analysis

Having the correct mix of tests readily available for your customers is essential to your laboratory's business viability and growth, yet the importance of the "make vs. buy" analysis is more important than ever. Colaborate has the expertise to assist in evaluating a laboratories test menu and determining the most cost effective mix of test being performed, both in-house and referenced out.