Lab Check-Up

Is your lab running as efficiently as it could be?

Colaborate can give you the information you need to understand how your laboratory is functioning and provide steps to improve your lab’s performance and profitability. There are countless elements as to what makes a successful lab. It can be difficult to know if you are using the best systems, how to iron out workflow bottlenecks, and whether or not your lab is reaching peak profitability. Depending on your role within your laboratory, you may need to provide answers to company executives in order to provide big picture laboratory health. 

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Working with Colaborate

Our lab check-up compares your lab's performance to industry performance, trends and direction. You will gain clarity and precision for your decision making. We will also provide insight into quality, performance, and information technology. You will receive a laboratory check-list itemizing the topics, a summary of its current status, along with recommended solutions.

We provide fresh perspective and actionable recommendations.

Our job is to provide impartial and unbiased information for your company. We can look at your lab with fresh eyes, as industry experts.

What type of questions can we answer for your lab? Over the years, we have helped laboratories uncover the simplest and the most complex solutions. Some of our most common questions from executives and laboratory managers, include:

  • What should be my roadmap of priorities for success?
  • Are lab results sent to my clients accurate and timely?
  • Have we reached peak efficiency?
  • Where are my workflow bottlenecks?
  • Should I develop a core lab and consolidate my laboratory operations? What are the costs? Are there hard and soft savings and efficiencies?
  • Can my I.T. Systems provide integrated clinical & business intelligence data?
  • Can my I.T. Systems provide integrated clinical & business intelligence data?
  • Am I billing for all lab tests performed and fully compliant?
  • Are staffing levels aligned with utilization?
  • Do my I.T. systems meet Stage 1 Meaningful Use?
  • Can my lab be more automated, computerized, and integrated into core back-end systems (EMR, RHIO, HIE, Physician Offices)?
  • Can my outreach program be more profitable to the organization?
  • What are my true lab costs and profits/losses?
  • Are my I.T. systems modernized and meeting client expectations?
  • Do we have a plan to support mandated 5010 changes by 1/2012 and ICD-10 changes by 10/2013?
  • Do we have an EMR plan to connect all clients by 2015, i.e. 'all locked in by then'?
  • Are molecular/genetic pathology programs progressing?
  • Is a digital pathology program in place to increase AP business?
  • Does your lab design accommodate adaptive change?

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