Laboratory Planning

Colaborate is a laboratory consulting firm with over 25 years of industry experience. Our laboratory planning professionals assist labs in choosing laboratory design and equipment planning, market assessment, sales and marketing development and more. Strategic planning is the key to a successful laboratory operation. Read our client testimonials.

Market Assessment

Having an outsider objectively assist in the development of a true market opportunity assessment is priceless. Oftentimes, an organization either views their market with "rose-colored glasses," or simply overlooks competitive advantages and opportunities (both of which can dramatically change the competitive landscape). Colaborate has objectively guided our clients in hundreds of markets assessments and provided our clients the objective advice necessary to accurately assess existing and future market opportunities. We profile your local market environment, including potential clients, market size and potential, and competition to help you understand the opportunity for lab outreach.

Outreach Program Design and Plan

We work with you “colaboratively” to build a comprehensive plan for your lab outreach program, including services, staffing, billing, bill formatting, pricing, information systems, sales and marketing.

Sales Management

Having roots in the commercial lab industry and having managed some of the most recognized sales teams in the country, Colaborate understands the requirements to successful compete in the trenches with the national laboratory chains. This "insiders" knowledge can provide insight into existing veteran's sales professionals, as well as those just starting out in the laboratory sales field. Colaborate can either fully manage your sales activities or can supply a short-term laboratory sales manager.

Marketing Development, Sales Training

To be successful, businesses need to market their product/business to potential customers. Having a professionally development marketing platform coupled with trained sales representatives to market a product is essential to any business. Colaborate's expertise in laboratory sales and marketing development is second-to-none. With our subject matter experts and business partners, we’ll be able to supply your business with the outreach marketing platform, sales training skills, tools and guidance needed to implement a proven strategy and propel your business forward.

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