Operation & Implementation

Process Change / New Process Implementation

We work with your lab, information systems and financial team to help you implement appropriate process changes, from orders/results, specimen tracking, billing, marketing and customer service, to seamless physician office EMR interfaces.

Outreach Vendor Selection

With our proven selection scorecard tools and process, we can fast track your vendor selection, negotiate substantial discounts during contract negotiations (often offsetting related fees and services), ensure all interfacing and automation is addressed, and oversee all facets of outreach software implementation. We act as an extension of your information systems team to help you install, test and train users, while working with the technology solution of your choice to automate all aspects of your outreach business. In other words, we help you maximize the value of your IT investments.

Client Connectivity

In today's clinical laboratory environment, laboratories are looking to connect to their clients, compete against the national laboratories, and comply with government regulations. Colaborate can provide structured guidance and support to move your outreach program into the new client connectivity environment. Our consultants can facilitate the planning, selection, and implementation processes for client connectivity. Additionally, there are a number of product suites available today to face these challenges, and we can assist in the selection of the best fit.

On-site Support

Colaborate can provide the necessary on-site support to assist you in your marketing and sales approach and efforts, including full program management.

Performance Improvement

For existing lab outreach programs, we can conduct a thorough lab outreach program review to identify areas for continued performance improvement.