Compensation Analysis

One of the most significant fixed costs in a clinical or hospital-based laboratory is the labor component. The manner in which this valuable commodity is used (or unused) dramatically impacts the margins and financial health of the laboratory. Colaborate appreciates the critical importance of the labor component and has developed a number of proprietary tools to maximize employees while maintaining high quality results.

Best Practice Benchmarking

A best practice benchmark is developed by comparing a number of performance measures, ideas and strategies from other companies to improve your company's performance while developing competitive strategies. With Colaborate's extensive experience with large health systems, a successful best practice can be formed for your business, giving your business the advantage needed to become a leader in the markets in which you chose to compete.

Pathology Compensation

Without question, pathologist compensation is one of the most highly controversial issues impacting employee satisfaction in laboratories today. Colaborate has been called upon on a number of occasions to analyze and assist in the design of compensation and productivity models for all types of physician specialties. Colaborate offers professionals experienced in developing creative base salary recommendations, along with aligned incentive production and compensation.

Colaborate has decades of industry expertise in laboratory management services, and can provide custom solutions to any challenge your organization faces. Other commonly requested services we provide to any size laboratory include, interim management, benchmarking, and strategic planning. Contact us today to get started streamlining your organization.