Business Growth

Colaborate offers experienced professionals that have assisted clients with the development and expansion of laboratory outreach programs. Our consultants will evaluate your current capabilities in great detail and identify the market opportunity, as well as operational gaps that would need to be addressed to successfully expand the outreach business. Projections of growth potential are included in the review, as well as a high level assessment of any potential investment that would be necessary with the development of the identified market opportunity.

Joint Ventures

Recent acquisitions and joint ventures by publicly traded companies as well as venture funds demonstrate that there is considerable interest in investment in the laboratory sector. Colaborate has been retained continually to identify and implement approaches that will optimize our clients' potential for success in these endeavors. Our strategies may be used to evaluate the potential for successful sale, consolidation, or joint venture, as well as to provide perspective on any potential risk factors.

Core Lab Analysis & Development

As many health systems begin to grasp the promising dynamics of their laboratories, the option and challenge of developing a core laboratory becomes an important consideration. Colaborate's experts have assisted in the analysis, development and implementation of numerous organizations' core laboratories. In addition, we have assisted in the organizational and fiscal improvement of several existing and underperforming core entities.

Drawing upon our experience and expertise in the structure and function of clinical and hospital-based laboratories, Colaborate has been able to provide dramatic and long-lasting changes to troubled and failing organizations.

Consolidations and Reorganizations

Hospitals, physicians groups, and other healthcare organizations are facing increasing pressure to ensure that expensive and limited physical space is used to its highest potential. With this in mind, Colaborate has lead the successful development, redesign, relocation, expansion, and contraction of laboratory space for a number of hospital systems and healthcare organizations throughout the country.