Chargemaster Review

With yearly changes to CPT codes and the ongoing development of new laboratory tests and methodologies to perform current tests, it is vital for laboratories to stay abreast of the changes. Using an incorrect CPT code or irrational pricing could cost the laboratory thousands in lost revenue. Colaborate, calling upon qualified experts, will perform a comprehensive review of the laboratories chargemaster, pricing, and test utilization.

Colaborate offers a laboratory compliance assessment and a chargemaster CPT code review of all active billable tests in the laboratory information system (LIS). The approach used for this review is designed to ensure that the tests listed in each LIS are properly mapped to a correct CPT code line-item in the billing chargemaster. Such a review provides a test utilization analysis to determine if the top 30 tests appear to follow a reasonable ordering pattern, as well as a pricing analysis to determine if the test billing fees are rational (more complex tests are billed at a rate higher than less complex tests).